Kate recently posted a picture to the Peaceful Beginnings Facebook Page of a poster with these words: “It’s not consent if you make me afraid to say no.”

Many U.S. women who opt for the typical medical model of maternity care report that, at some time during their pregnancy or birth experience, they felt pressure by their providers to succumb to certain tests, procedures or interventions – often surgery – because they were afraid to say no.

The care provider-client relationship for maternity care was never intended to be one of unequal dominance. Instead, your midwife is a trusted collaborator in your care. You pay for her intellectual knowledge and clinical expertise, yes, but a good midwife understands she is more of a shepherd to you than an administrator or manager. And while she might, at times, be very clear what her professional and experienced opinion is on any given decision, she should never pressure you by making you afraid to say no.

Here is the American College of Nurse Midwives’ Philosophy of Care statement, which says nothing about making clients afraid to get their consent: “We … affirm the power and strength of women and the importance of their health in the well-being …”

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The Placenta

One of the questions we ask after your home birth is, “What do you want us to do with your placenta?” Often our question is answered with a question: “I don’t know. What do people do with their placentas?”

Beautiful, healthy placenta.


Well, people do varied things with their placentas. Most just throw them out with the rest of the birth trash. Some burn them. Others save them and bury them deep in a garden or underneath a tree they plant.

Some people use them for art projects – like prints of the tree-like fetal side of the placenta.

And some people ingest them. Really!

It’s called “placenta encapsulation,” and it’s become a popular thing to do. Some people prepare their placentas into fine powders and put them into gel caps for mothers to take in the post-partum period. Peaceful Beginnings does not offer these services but knows people who do.

Here is a link to a Goshen News column written by Stephanie Price, one of Peaceful Beginnings’ birth assistants, about placenta encapsulation: Whole Family Column.

Here is a link to an organization that trains people to prepare placentas for encapsulation: Placenta Benefits.

Whatever you decide to do with your placenta is your business. 🙂

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Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy

One of the best-kept secrets in prenatal care is that visiting a chiropractor can help ensure good spinal, neural and pelvic health, help ensure optimal baby positioning, and help pave the way for better birthing in general.

Michiana has many chiropractors who offer excellent care for pregnant women and for newborns.

Click here to watch a video of Elkhart chiropractor Mark Lindholm, DC, performing the Webster technique on a 38-week client: Webster Technique

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